The #OSGcookbook Challenge

The #OSGCookbook Challenge


A few months ago I began my vegan adventure. For health reasons, my husband and I needed to adopt some better eating habits.  This came as a surprise to both of us, as we already considered ourselves to be quite healthy.  We ate mainly vegetarian, cooked at home and hardly ever ate out, and used whole-food ingredients without much processed junk in our diet.  Still, our cholesterol was sky high and vitamin counts not the greatest.  I guess all the baking with real butter and relying on cheese as a source of protein finally caught up with us. A dear friend told me to try the Oh She Glows cookbook and website, where the talented chef, Angela Liddon, offers delicious and healthy vegan recipes.

It’s so interesting how major life change can only occur when the timing is right and the motivation comes from within.  I had been told about Oh She Glows several times in the past and always thought, “Ugh, who wants to eat vegan!!??” Silly, I know.  I think that deep down inside I wanted to try a vegan diet, but I was afraid I would have to give up too many of the things I loved.  Bacon, cheese pizza, and salty salami come to mind.  Maybe the willingness to give veganism a go was helped along by a more balanced approach to life in general, a shift away from all-or-nothing thinking, and a move towards just going with the flow.  I entered into my exploration of vegan food without imposing strict rules on myself.  If I was craving a burger one day, I’d have the burger.  Interestingly, those cravings started becoming less and less present.  In fact, I began craving green smoothies, cashew cheese, and butter-free cookies any time I did begin to stray from my new vegan roots.

Today, I continue to take a balanced approach to my diet.  I have French roots, so I highly doubt I will ever arrive at the day when I will forgo a good butter croissant or steak frites.  Never say never, but that’s my prediction.  And I think that is okay.  With that said, I am still committed to eating healthier, and so I have made it my goal to cook my way through the Oh She Glows cookbook.  I tallied up the recipes I have enthusiastically cooked and devoured since first picking up the book in September 2015, and I’ve got 39 of Liddon’s 114 cookbook recipes under my belt.  I’m going to try to tackle 4 new recipes a week, aiming to have completed the book by May 21.  Wish me luck, it’s going to be a lot of fun! The most exciting part for me is to share these experiences with you, and to feed the people I love delicious and healthy food, that just happens to be free of animal products.  It has delighted me to spread the word about the #OSGcookbook, and to see other friends and family pick it up and give it a try.  I hope you will too, and that you will find it as inspiring as I have!


The latest recipe I have made from the #OSGcookbook: Magical Chia Seed Jam.  Yummy! I used blueberries and added a little extra vanilla.  It tastes like dessert!

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