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Hummus and Pita Chips – Recipes 45 & 46 #osgcookbook challenge


Hummus and crackers are a regular snack at our house, although the hummus is usually store-bought and the crackers always are.  The salt content in both these things have always been a concern of mine, so I am happy to have found a simple recipe to make these things at home, in a much healthier way.

The recipe for hummus found in Oh She Glows is very straightforward and involves the usual suspects; chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice.  She sprinkles the finished product with smoked paprika, which totally changes the flavor in a wonderful and surprising way.  She also drizzles on some olive oil, which I actually added in the blending process because I found the mixture was looking a little too dry.  If you are not a huge hummus eater, I would recommend making half the recipe, using one can of chickpeas rather than the prescribed two, because this recipe makes A LOT -I ate some every day for the whole week and still have leftovers.

The pita chips, if I’m to be honest, were initially just a way for me to quickly and easily knock one more #osgcookbook challenge recipe off my list for the week.  However, what started out as a slightly uninspired task, turned out to be a real winner of a recipe! I love that I can chow down on a whole bunch of these pita chips without worrying about the salt or fat content.  I will absolutely be making these on-the-regular from now on! It’s a nice reminder of how sometimes, the simplest, most unassuming foods can be the real show-stoppers on the table!  A word to the wise: Keep an eye on these babies as you bake them, mine only took 5 minutes in a 4oo degree oven before they were quite brown and crispy.

So there you have it, some classic hummus and pita chips that went fabulously with our favorite Greek Quinoa Salad (click for the recipe I posted a few months ago).  If you are in the mood for a less traditional, but equally delicious hummus, try my Green Goddess Hummus for a twist that you are bound to love!


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