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Week 6 #osgcookbook Challenge

Well I must say, this week’s four recipes certainly aren’t real lookers.  Note to self: Do not choose four recipes that are all in the grey-brown family.  I tried to pretty-up the mashed potatoes with some parsley but I’m still underwhelmed by this mosaic of photos.  Oh well, live and learn.

Maybe my choices were influenced by this week’s weather.  It has been very grey and rainy all week.  Last night we even had a thunderstorm, in February! Talk about crazy. Not that I’m complaining, I love the chance to get cozy under a blanket on my favorite chaise-lounge with a good book and a cup of tea 🙂

Just the same, I hope next week is a little sunnier, as I am having three old friends come to stay with us for a few nights. I’m super excited to catch-up and have some quality girl time together.  I plan to make them the Tex-Mex Casserole and Life-Affirming Warm Nacho Dip, so next week’s recipes promise to be more colorful! I just hope I manage to snap a few pictures before all the goodies get gobbled up!

Before I get too far ahead of myself planning for next week, here is what I did this week.

Gym Rat Smoothie


My husband really liked this smoothie, especially because he loves dates.  I personally prefer a fruitier smoothie, so this just wasn’t my cup of tea.  My one exception is the #osgcookbook’s Cheerful Chocolate Smoothie, which I adore! That one also uses dates, which have been giving me a hard time in the blender. They just never seem to blend!  I have tried soaking them before hand, which helps a little, but I still end up with chunks of dates throughout my smoothie. I have also tried chopping them into smaller pieces, which surprisingly didn’t help at all.  That chocolate smoothie is so wonderful though, that I am determined to keep trying! Sorry Gym Rat Smoothie, you just can’t compete!

Easy Mushroom Gravy


I enjoyed this gravy, although I’ll admit, I made some adjustments.  One of which was not at all vegan. Sorry guys! First of all, I used dried thyme rather than fresh rosemary, because I simply didn’t have the latter.  Second, and this is the little cheat I mentioned, I added Worcestershire sauce. Like I said, not vegan.  But very tasty if you’re a ‘flexitarian’ like me 😉 If not, just stick to the Tamari originally called for in this recipe, and I’m sure it will be equally delicious!

Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes


My husband claimed he did not taste the difference between these and regular mashed potatoes.  Now, that makes me wonder if he is just being too kind, or if I’m being too picky.  To me, these were quite watery and did not satisfy my mashed potato craving.  And to be honest, I’m not sure why you really need to sneak cauliflower into potatoes any way?  Potatoes have got a bad rap for being starchy and carb-heavy. But the truth is, they provide healthy carbohydrates, which your body needs.  They are also rich in potassium, fiber, and would you believe, Vitamin-C!? So as much as cauliflower is a healthy veggie, so are potatoes.  If you like to mix the two together, go ahead. All I’m saying is, if you prefer a 100% potato mash, that’s just fine as well.

Loaded Savory Oatmeal & Lentil Bowl


I saved the best for last.  I LOVED this breakfast bowl.  I know it sounds kinda out-there, but seriously, you have to try it! I’m already a big fan of a savory breakfast to begin with.  Give me bacon and eggs over pancakes any day! (I think I’ve made it quite clear in this post that while I love cooking vegan, I do not stick to a vegan diet exclusively). This bowl was perfect for me! It also kept me full for a long time, which is a difficult task to accomplish.  If I had to compare this to something more familiar, I’d say it is a little bit like Risotto.  Creamy and smooth, with just a bit of chewy bite, and oh-so-warm and salty and yummy.

That concludes week 6.  I hope my girlfriends are ready to dig into week 7 with me!

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