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Who wants a shot to win the cookbook that inspired me to start this blog!? Keep reading for the details 🙂

I recently had the honor of a receiving shout out from a fellow blogger.  Caroline decided to take on a cookbook challenge of her own, and the first book she is tackling is my personal favorite, Oh She Glows.  I was so happy to be part of the inspiration for someone to try something like this. My favorite thing about blogging is the ability to share.  I love reading other bloggers’ posts, recipes, ideas and thoughts.  Likewise, I get a kick out of knowing that others are enjoying my little stories and recipes too.

The whole thing got me wanting to share even more, so I figured, why not share the cookbook that first inspired me!?  I’ve already told so many family members and friends about it, and I get so much joy when people tell me how they’ve fallen in love with the book and changed their eating habits because of it.  I joke with my loved ones that I’m starting a ‘vegan overnight oats’ revolution, because I cannot even tell you how many people I’ve got hooked on those! The greatest skeptic of them all, my own mom, loved them so much when I made them for her, she brought them to her workplace and had her colleagues taste them.  They then went home with the recipe and I’m sure they’ll convert a few people themselves.  Like I said, it’s kind of a revolution 😉

So, in the spirit of sharing, I want YOU to tell ME, what/who has been the biggest influence in your cooking? Is it someone who has mentored you or taught you to love food?  Is it a cookbook, tv show, or chef?  Did you get into cooking because of traveling?  Were you in need of a passion or hobby in your life and found it in the kitchen? It can be anything! We all have a story to share and I can’t wait to hear yours!

Here’s how the giveaway works:

  1. Follow my blog (if you haven’t already).  You need to use a computer, not a phone, in order for the little “Follow” prompt to come up at the bottom right of the screen 🙂
  2. Leave a comment on this post, telling me about what most inspires you to cook!
  3. Check back on April 10 to find out who the winner of the Oh She Glows cookbook giveaway is.  I’ll make a post entitled Giveaway Results. I’ll randomly draw a name form all those that followed the blog and left a comment, and once I get that person’s contact info, I’ll send them a copy of Oh She Glows in the mail!

I can’t wait to read all your comments and hear what inspires you in the kitchen.  And I can’t wait to share Angela Liddon‘s amazing cookbook with one lucky reader, because I know it will only inspire you more!


25 thoughts on “Giveaway Contest!

  1. My family! I started blogging when all I kept hearing was, “Hot dogs, again? Pizza, again?” Now I am looking for all kinds of new dishes!


      1. Loving it! It took my son, who is Autistic, a bit longer to get it but he is all in now. They are fearless tasters. I also acknowledge there are certain things they don’t care for but that doesn’t stop me from serving them and their mew of disdain at those things are lessening too. My daughter doesn’t like rice (in any dish) and onions while my son doesn’t care for ricotta or peas (his are purely texture issues).


  2. Hi hon. My my , you are creating something interesting. Snowballing into a larger following every day that passes. Sorry that I am not big on responding or participating more actively , it is a generation thing for me. Doesn’t stop me from being impressed.

    Have a great weekend.

    Love MOM XOXO


  3. Already following 🙂 and I love overnight oats as well!!
    I don’t think I can single out one biggest influence on my cooking. I like to get inspiration from everyone and everything- and I especially love talking to people who are passionate about healthy eating.


  4. What a lovely post, I look forward to seeing all of the comments that you gather here. I’ve found that cooking is a way for me to unwind from a day at work and transition into a more relaxing evening. I love expanding my knowledge of various ingredients and then experimenting with cooking new meals. Cooking is something that connects me to my family- both those that have passed, those that I get to feed, and my future someday family as well! Love reading your blog. I’ve only tried overnight oats once, but I used steel cut oats which didn’t taste quite right… I am determined to try them again soon. Maybe I’ll do that next week. Have a great weekend! –Deb


  5. 😀 the book sounds amazing! I love your idea of sharing stories about our love for cooking, Ashley ❤ So glad I found your blog.
    For me it's my grandmother. She has this unique style she adds to everything she cooks. No one can match up to her taste and experience, in my eyes at least 🙂 I grew up watching her lovingly cook food for the family and friends; she loves to feed people (desserts especially!). And so I want to, like her, share some happiness and love with my cooking.


  6. Hi Ashley, so many people have influenced me in terms of food…to pick just one, I would have to say Alison Holst, which is New Zealand’s version of Julia Child. She revolutionised cooking in NZ homes back in the 70s and 80s, getting people to try new ingredients and ideas. I loved watching her on TV as a child, and devoured her books as my interest in cooking grew. I think I’ll always have a very soft spot for her! P.S. already following 🙂


  7. Hi Ashley. I’m new to cooking and was inspired by a desire to get healthy. I’ve been loving your recipes and would really love to try this cookbook since it seems in line with my goals to make healthy, wholesome food!


  8. My commitment to reduce animal and human suffering, reduce my environmental impact, care for my own health, and save money all conspire to inspire me to cook! I love Angela’s blog recipes!


  9. I can’t tell if my comment went through, but I’m inspired to cook because I want to reduce animal and human suffering, reduce my environmental impact, care for my own health, and save money! And I love the recipes on Angela’s blog!


    1. Hi Jacky, I totally agree! I’m finding it difficult to break the habit of eating animal products, but I’m going to stick with it. Congrats on your efforts as well! I think every little bit counts whether it’s doing meatless Mondays to trying a vegan diet. 🙂


  10. Well past the deadline for the giveaway (I got a copy for Christmas a couple years go, it got dripped on when I watered the plants on the shelf above – before I’d even cracked it open!!! Anyway, my appetite and frugal pocket book have been my biggest inspiration – then my tastebuds, my digestive system, my brain, my body – maybe in that order – As a single woman on a tight budget I needed to feed myself so I got into to it. After many years of that, I met a man who I wanted to feed. I cannot believe how much that man inspires me to cook! In fact, so much so…I’m thinking of a new blog…having blogged furiously at for a few years, then let it lapse as I cared for my aging mother – and just coming back now, am still only at the “thinking about it” stage. Obviously “oh she glows” is a winning title. And how is that? What is it about her blog that made her so successful? It seems for you it’s her recipes – and how did she get you hooked? How did you first learn about her blog? And what makes you go back again and again and buy her book? What hunger in you does she so successfully nourish that makes you such a huge fan?


    1. Hi Alison, thanks for sharing your story! Glad you are coming back to blogging 🙂 Hmmm that’s a very good question – what is it about ohsheglows that I love so much? Well, for starters, her recipes are simple, easy, and delicious! I also enjoy reading her blog posts. She is very open about her life, and I find it fun to ‘connect’ in a way with someone going through similar life experiences as I am. It’s interesting how the world of blogging gives us a little peek into the lives of others, and makes us feel as though we know people we have actually never met! I think our generation is very lucky to have that ability though, because when others share their stories of struggle and success, we can feel inspired and motivated to persevere through our own tough times!

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