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Week 17 #osgcookbook Challenge

Wow!!! The second-to-last week of the challenge is done! That means I only have 4 recipes left to make before I can proudly say I have made EVERY SINGLE RECIPE in the Oh She Glows cookbook! What a feeling!

With all the cooking that has been going on these past few weeks, my kitchen is starting to look a little grimy.  I have never been a great house cleaner.  Have you ever had the feeling that new dirt and grease just appear minutes after you have been scrubbing your butt off? That’s me.  I do my best, but I swear it’s like the dust is infinite.  It used to bother me, then I learned to shrug it off, and now it is back to bothering me again.  I know the best solution when I get this way is to leave it be! If I go into a cleaning frenzy now, I will never stop.  Better to just adopt a carefree attitude, laugh it off, make peace with my lack of domestic goddessry, and move on with my day. Besides, I am pretty darn pleased with my cooking skills, so that earns me some domestic points, right? I know the four recipes I pumped out this week all turned out great and were well worth the little splatter marks on the stove that can drive me crazy if I let them 🙂

Salt and Vinegar Chickpeas


I have always loved sour/salty snacks – pickles, salt and vinegar chips, olives, etc.  So I really looked forward to trying these chickpeas.  Sadly, I over-baked them a bit.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of my only complaints about this cookbook is that sometimes the cooking times are too long.  At least for my oven and stove.  My advice is to always set your timer for at least 5 minutes less than the recommended time and then check up on the food.  If it still needs longer, fine, but if not, pull it off the heat and enjoy! Despite being a little dry from being in the over too long, these were really tasty and I will happily make them again as a healthy alternative to chips!

Beat the Heat Frozen Dessert Pizza


I wasn’t expecting much from this dessert to be honest.  Neither me nor my hubby are big fans of rice crispy treats, and we had so-so reactions to the banana soft serve when we first tried it early on in this challenge.  You can read about those first impressions here.  However, as I have learned over and over again throughout this challenge, when you try new things you often are pleasantly surprised! This dessert pizza was FANTASTIC. I’m even willing to say it is in my top 3 favorites from the desserts in this book.  I stepped up the banana soft serve by adding more almond butter, a pinch of salt, and about 2 tbsp of cocoa powder, and wow, what a difference! Another happy surprise about this recipe was that the chocolate drizzle topping was sooooo darn good.  I am usually not a fan of adding chocolate to ice cream, as I find it quite flavorless when it is really cold.  But I guess the addition of the coconut oil to the chocolate helps it stay kind of fudgy in texture rather than brittle and hard like most frozen chocolate.  Amazing, easy, and totally repeatable!

Yogi Juice 2.0


In week 15 I made the red juice from the Yogi Juice recipes on page 71 of the book.  It was an epic fail and I really didn’t want to make this green version today, but a challenge is a challenge, so I went for it.  I liked this better than the red juice, but I still don’t like the process of juicing.  It is messy, labor intensive, yields little for the amount of work put in, and leaves behind a lot of waste that I don’t feel good about.  In fact it made me feel down right guilty to toss a good 2-3 cups worth of pulp in the garbage after making this juice.  I would be very curios to hear other people’s takes on juicing.  What are the benefits?  What kinds taste the best? At the moment, I cannot foresee myself ever making juice at home again, but maybe I am missing some key information that would convince me otherwise.

Summertime Cherry-Basil Bruschetta


Sadly, cherries used to be one of my all-time favorite fruits, but are now the worst ones for the allergy I mentioned in last week’s post.  I considered using cooked cherries for this recipe, as cooking the fruits that cause my throat to itch usually helps to prevent this allergic reaction.  In the end, I just decided to omit them from the recipe.  After all, the amount of strawberries called for far exceeds the amount of cherries.  Interesting that this recipe isn’t called Strawberry Bruschetta instead 😛 Even without the cherries, this bruschetta is a lovely twist on the classic tomato one we all know and love.  In addition to serving it on sliced bagutte, I used the leftovers to top an English muffin and cream cheese the next day after making it.  What a treat! I can’t wait for strawberries to be more in season so that I can make this again using far juicier and tastier berries!


2 thoughts on “Week 17 #osgcookbook Challenge

  1. I so agree with you when it comes to juicing! I had as juicer but found that I hated throwing out the pulp. And I prefer chewing my food. I gave the juicer away.


    1. Haha, yes, I prefer to chew my food as well! It’s always nice to try something new, and I am usually happy when I do. This just was one of those rare times when I wished I hadn’t bothered 😛


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