Week 18

18 weeks

The fact that I am sitting in my 18 week photo is rather appropriate, as I have sluggish this week.  The nausea came back; I want to say with a vengeance, but it probably just felt that way because I am so over it now.  In truth, I am still feeling a lot better than I was in the first trimester.  It is just draining to feel sick all the time, even if it is better by comparison.  I have also been extremely tired. Where is that second trimester burst of energy!? I am dragging my butt to yoga today, and I am sorry to say it will be the first time I exercise all week. Is this what mom guilt feels like???

Okay, onto brighter topics.  We hired a doula yesterday and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I spoke with a few doulas, and took several weeks to decide whether or not to get one, and if so, who I felt most comfortable with.  Dhiren was involved in the process as well, and was able to have phone conversations with the ladies we were considering when it wasn’t possible to meet them in person.  I think it is so important for both mom and dad to feel at ease with the doula they choose, as she will be involved in such an intimate event in your lives. I am glad we found someone we both like, and I am so relieved to know that when the big day comes, I will have a trained, knowledgeable, comforting guide to support me through the birth of our daughter!

Been thinking a lot about what baby will look like.  I want so badly to see her tiny face.  I wonder if she will take after her dad more, or me?  I’ve been looking at lots of headbands and baby turbans (so cute!) online, but have held off buying any until I find out if little girl takes after her mama and ends up with a giant head that no baby hats will fit. Ha! My parents, evidently, are also excited about little girl cloths, as they gave us a whole bunch of adorable little outfits this weekend. Something tells me this girl is going to be a well-dressed baby! I also have Dhiren’s cousin generously giving us some of her daughter’s cloths.  Bring it on! I am ready with my organization bins from Ikea 🙂

With all this baby prep, I have noticed that most of my life revolves around pregnancy these days, and that’s great since it may only happen once, but I think I also need more “me time” that has nothing to do with being an expectant mom. I felt it most yesterday, when I put up my first recipe post in a LONG time.  It felt nice, and I quickly got inspired with ideas for other future posts (think green soup for St. Patty’s tomorrow!) I found myself flipping through a favorite cookbook, and realizing it had been a while since I read anything other than baby books during my down time. I will be sure to keep making time for those check-ins, where I nurture other aspects of my identity.  I am sure that will be even more important when baby comes along!

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