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When you’re a less than perfect parent


It’s easy to be a perfect parent, before you have a kid. Life before children is filled with opportunities to observe other families in action, and come up with a hypothetical list of dos and don’ts. Then along comes your own little munchkin and all those “I’ll never ….” testaments fly out the window.

Some of those abandoned promises are light hearted and easy to laugh about with fellow parent friends. Your vow never to let your baby watch TV, or your shock that it really is true that babies create an endless supply of dirty laundry.

Other promises you made to yourself are more painful when they are broken, and are rarely talked about.

When you struggle with depression and anxiety and it effects your ability to parent the way you wish you could. When you repeat mistakes your parents made that you swore you never would. When you bring your baggage into your household when you thought you would be able to protect your child from ever having to know about any of that.

It always hurts to admit our flaws to ourselves. But never nearly as much as it does when you have to face the fact that those flaws are still carried over to your role as Mom.

Now that I have my own daughter, I find I have so much more compassion for other parents. Especially my own. This is not an easy job, and I believe that most of us are really just doing our best. Hopefully my little girl will have her own children one day so that she can look back and forgive me for all my shortcomings as she finds herself in over her head. And at that point, I’ll swoop in and finally take the role of the PERFECT grandmother!



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