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Week 9 #osgcookbook Challenge

Has it been 9 weeks already!? That puts me at the half-way mark of this challenge. Exciting!!! I did a scan of the book and realized I’m going to have to focus more on the Smoothies, Juice and Tea and the Staples chapters in order to maintain balance from week to week.  Because I don’t really want to close… Continue reading Week 9 #osgcookbook Challenge

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Week 8 #osgcookbook Challenge

I had a lot of fun with the recipes I tried this week!  Browsing through the book and my checklist at the beginning of the week, I noticed that I had hardly made any of the appetizer recipes.  It seems that when I do have an opportunity to make appetizers for a party, I like… Continue reading Week 8 #osgcookbook Challenge

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Week 7 #osgcookbook Challenge

Week 7 was a whirlwind! I had three lovely house guests stay a few nights – my girlfriends from University – and we had a blast catching up and being goofballs! I miss them already!!! There we all are together in the shots below, aren’t they gorgeous!? Love you Kelsey, Everry and Saiswari!  Missed you… Continue reading Week 7 #osgcookbook Challenge

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Week 5 #osgcookbook challenge

Last week I mentioned that I was slowly approaching the point where the recipes in the Oh She Glows cookbook which I still haven’t made, were left untouched until now for a reason.  Either they don’t really tempt me, seem a little too difficult to make, or have a long and expensive ingredient list.  I’ve… Continue reading Week 5 #osgcookbook challenge

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Week 3 – #osgcookbook challenge

I’m still busting out four Oh She Glows recipes a week and loving it! I also really want to keep innovating recipes of my own to share with you.  So, with that goal in mind, I’ve decided to post once weekly about my #osgcookbook challenge, summing up the trials and triumphs of that week’s four… Continue reading Week 3 – #osgcookbook challenge

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Eat Your Greens Detox Soup – Recipe 47 #osgcookbook challenge

There is something that just draws me to all things green.  Something about the vibrancy of the color, and probably the idea we’ve all grown up with that green = healthy, makes my mouth water when I see a plateful of something in the emerald family.  So naturally, I was quite drawn to this soup,… Continue reading Eat Your Greens Detox Soup – Recipe 47 #osgcookbook challenge

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Hummus and Pita Chips – Recipes 45 & 46 #osgcookbook challenge

Hummus and crackers are a regular snack at our house, although the hummus is usually store-bought and the crackers always are.  The salt content in both these things have always been a concern of mine, so I am happy to have found a simple recipe to make these things at home, in a much healthier… Continue reading Hummus and Pita Chips – Recipes 45 & 46 #osgcookbook challenge