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Week 8 #osgcookbook Challenge

I had a lot of fun with the recipes I tried this week!  Browsing through the book and my checklist at the beginning of the week, I noticed that I had hardly made any of the appetizer recipes.  It seems that when I do have an opportunity to make appetizers for a party, I like… Continue reading Week 8 #osgcookbook Challenge

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Week 6 #osgcookbook Challenge

Well I must say, this week’s four recipes certainly aren’t real lookers.  Note to self: Do not choose four recipes that are all in the grey-brown family.  I tried to pretty-up the mashed potatoes with some parsley but I’m still underwhelmed by this mosaic of photos.  Oh well, live and learn. Maybe my choices were… Continue reading Week 6 #osgcookbook Challenge

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Vegan Cream of Leek and Potato Soup

Growing up, this was my all-time favorite soup.  Once in a while, my mom would pack it  in a thermos for me to take to school for lunch, and I always looked forward to those days.  Now that I’m trying to eat vegan more often than not, I have revamped the original recipe, which was… Continue reading Vegan Cream of Leek and Potato Soup

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Week 4 #osgcookbook Challenge

Welcome! To recap – I am cooking my way through the Oh She Glows cookbook. The challenge is to make four new recipes from it every week.  So far, it’s been great! I think I’m slowly approaching the point in the cookbook where I’ve done all the recipes that I naturally gravitate towards, and am… Continue reading Week 4 #osgcookbook Challenge

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Spicy Potato Pitas

This 5 ingredient, 15 minute meal is not only quick and easy to make, it’s one of my new favorite dinners.  It is very loosely based on a delicious Indian dish called Masala Dosa.  If you’re like me, your typical go-to at an Indian restaurant is Butter Chicken or some similar curry that was put… Continue reading Spicy Potato Pitas