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Week 5 #osgcookbook challenge

Last week I mentioned that I was slowly approaching the point where the recipes in the Oh She Glows cookbook which I still haven’t made, were left untouched until now for a reason.  Either they don’t really tempt me, seem a little too difficult to make, or have a long and expensive ingredient list.  I’ve… Continue reading Week 5 #osgcookbook challenge

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Vegan Cream of Leek and Potato Soup

Growing up, this was my all-time favorite soup.  Once in a while, my mom would pack it  in a thermos for me to take to school for lunch, and I always looked forward to those days.  Now that I’m trying to eat vegan more often than not, I have revamped the original recipe, which was… Continue reading Vegan Cream of Leek and Potato Soup

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Eat Your Greens Detox Soup – Recipe 47 #osgcookbook challenge

There is something that just draws me to all things green.  Something about the vibrancy of the color, and probably the idea we’ve all grown up with that green = healthy, makes my mouth water when I see a plateful of something in the emerald family.  So naturally, I was quite drawn to this soup,… Continue reading Eat Your Greens Detox Soup – Recipe 47 #osgcookbook challenge

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Recipes 41 & 42 #osgcookbook challenge

So this is what life looked like just a few months ago.  We had a long, hot, beautiful summer and I had a blast growing my very first vegetable garden! Right as things ripened and were ready to harvest, I picked up Oh She Glows and plowed my way through most of the salad recipes!… Continue reading Recipes 41 & 42 #osgcookbook challenge